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Powerful coaching will create the clarity needed for exponential growth in business, relationships and life.

Scott draws on 25 years of corporate leadership experience to coach C-level executives & to teach business leaders how to develop a coaching culture in their organization that will empower employees so they can understand and embrace the necessary change which will dramatically impact both the top and bottom line performance.

Scott also draws on extensive education and training in coaching,  as well as, career change and 25 years of marriage to coach through career change, career growth and developing deep and lasting relationships.

Through his extensive training and experience in personal development, Scott uses a holistic approach to help individuals maximize health, wealth and happiness creating lasting change in all dimensions of their life from the inside out.


Lorene C.

"As CEO of a global non-profit, my past experience with the non-profit world and different cultures are definite assets but when it comes to making impactful business decisions, I needed greater strategic focus and the tools to develop clarity while facing great stress. Through executive coaching with Scott Chantos, I have found just this clarity.  Having a seasoned coach and experienced businessman on my side has been the best experience I could have hoped for and is making a profound difference in my personal and professional life."

Laura D.

"Scott Chantos is the epitome of a life coach in carrying me from one stage of life to another.  He employs a wide variety of tools, resources, exercises and strategies to guide me in overcoming trauma, releasing thoughts that are not facts, and embracing the future potential of life.  He is compassionate, nurturing, encouraging and consistent in tracking adherence to positive practices that will allow me to incorporate what I learn into my daily life. His gifts are plentiful and he shares them with a generous heart and mind."

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